Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Day Dress

Ooh, its been far too long and sooo many people to thank for ideas. But I just have to put up a photo of the dress I just made for my little girl for Christmas Day. She currently has a huge bump on her head so I wont be getting her to model it for me.
 I have had this idea from here in my head for ages and finally teamed it up with some super cute apple fabric.

The biggest booboo I made was that I forgot that I had the actual pattern pieces so I made my own and it was a bit short. I just added a couple of rows of apples onto the hem and its perfect. Then I thought that the flower headband is so cute that i had to give that a go too. It was nearing 11pm last night and i was fighting with the fabric flower so I just made a basic gathered one that looks fine.

Also, no outfit is complete without a nappy cover from Dana at

Outfit complete. Now just to get her to keep it clean long enough to get some photos!

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