Friday, 27 April 2012

Doily Lightshade

I really have to say a huge THANK YOU to for the fantastic tutorial for this awesome doily lightshade.
It now hangs in my daughters room and she adores it.

I did a few things differently,
First, I couldnt find a fully round balloon so I used a beach ball.
I pulled apart one of those paper lantern lightshades (from the dollar shop) and kept the top ring and the centre wire part.
I marked out where the wire ring would fit then I coated the ball with vaseline so that the doilies wouldnt stick

then I pasted the doilies with a paintbrush and slapped them onto the beachball making sure that the edges met neatly and i could cut them off around my drawn circle at the top

I hung it on my front porch for a few days to dry.
I deflated the ball and pulled it out of the lightshade. Then cut off the doilies around my pen circle.
I persuaded the wire inside and sewed the ring into the top if the shade. 

I did use an Ecobulb as suggested in the tutorial because I dont want it to heat up and it works wonderfully.
And this is how it looks in my little chickens bedroom.

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